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Booth Rental
2 Hours of Coverage | Setup and Teardown | Professional Attendant | Standard White Backdrop | Props of your Choice | Unlimited Prints | Online Gallery | $100 Deposit to lock in your Date
Customize Your Prints
Please describe the theme and colors of your event the best you can so we can design a template to match. We will be in touch soon to design your template with you.


Photo Albums

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Hand Carved Photo Album

All Custom Photo Albums must be ordered 6 weeks prior to event date for them to be available at your event unless otherwise specified. Once added to the package we will contact your about which specific album design you would like and what you would like to to be on the cover. (names, date, etc.) The books are made of durable baltic birch and are simple, yet elegant in design. Each wooden surface is stained and engraved individually which makes each creation unique in it's own way. Brown colored stain may vary based on the staining process, but it's always a great finish to your book. The stains are water resistant which is a plus for your busy life. Pages are lined with photo booth strip borders which our photo booth attendants then add your copies to the book.
bride and groom wedding book cover
Custom wedding album cover

Photo Album

Get a Photo Album of the event, to see all the captured moments of you and your guests.
Photo booth pictures printed on demand


Gold Sequin

Do you like gold... who doesn't? Well it's not actual gold but it still looks amazing!

Peacock Backdrop

Is it blue or is it green? Well... actually it is both. Watch the color of the sequins change from blue to green and back depending on the angle you look at them. Your guests will love it, I know we do!

Classic White

Want to keep things classic? Then our classic white backdrop is perfect for your event.

Silver Sequin

Whether you are celebrating 25 years of marriage or if you just like shinny things then the silver sequin backdrop is the way to go!

Custom Printed

Are you looking for something to help further your brand at an event? Then you will want one of our custom printed backdrops. Cost sometimes varies so please contact us for an accurate quote. (The “+” means it could be more than the price listed depending on the request for backdrop or cardboard cutout. A final cost will be sent to you within 72 hours of booking at which point you can accept or change your booking.)

Paint Splater

This one is dripping with fun as your guests will inspired by the youthful painted backdrop.

Magic Sequin

Your guests are sure flip over this backdrop. Magic Sequin backdrops have sequins that flip to a different color, which make it possible to add a unique design to your backdrop. Our booth hosts will come up with something creative to start, then your guests can make it their own from there!
Penguin props in photo booth
Guests with props in our photo booth at retreat event
photo booth with custom paint splatter backdrop
photo booth with Tuxedo Mermaid custom backdrop
Custom Gold Sequin backdrop in our photo booth
Photo booth, backdrop
Sapphire backdrop in photo booth
Photo booth pictures, star wars props, premium backdrop
Photo booth with Paradise Magic sequin custom backdrop
Custom backdrop with green sequins in our photo booth
Choose your Backdrop Below
  • Classic White FREE
  • Classic White FREE
  • Tuxedo Magic Sequin $100
  • Sapphire Magic Sequin $100
  • Paradise Magic Sequin $100
  • Vegas Magic Sequin $100
  • Paint Splatter $100
  • Silver Sequin $100
  • Gold Sequin $100
  • Custom Printed $100+


Cardboard Cutout
Funkytown Fotobooth with Elvis prop
Want a celebrity at your party but don't have the connections to make it happen? Well we can make the impossible come true in cardboard form. Just let us know who you want to crash your party and we will make it happen!

Additional Hours for the Event

Additional Hours for the Event Start and end times may be adjusted anytime. You can even add more time at the end of your event, right on the spot. You are also able to split photobooth hours when renting 3 or more hours. So if you want it open 1 hour before diner and 2 after that is
  • - select a option -
  • 1 Hour $100
  • 1 Hour $100
  • 2 Hours $200
  • 3 Hours $300
  • 4 Hours $400
  • 5 Hours $500
  • 6 Hours $600
  • 7 Hours $700
  • 8 Hours $800
  • 9 Hours $900
  • 10 Hours $1000