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Choosing Your Photo Booth

With so many types of photo booths on the market these days we know it can be tough choosing the right booth for your event. Funkytown Fotobooth has two of the best photo booths available to rent. Which means choosing your photo booth just got easier. Choosing your photo booth comes down to a few basic questions. What kind of event do you need a booth for? What are you looking for in a photo booth rental?

Silver backdrop in open air photo booth at toledo event digital photo booth rental

Our Photo Booths

We have two types of photo booths. Our Legacy Booth functions like a traditional photo booth with modern technology. Salsa Booth is the photo booth of the future that has latest technology available in the industry. Each booth has it’s perks and each one is good for multiple events. So which booth is right for you?

Which Booth Is Best For Your Event? 

The Legacy Booth is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, fundraisers, corporate events, holiday parties and more. Legacy Booth has high quality pictures taken with professional photography equipment. Custom designed prints that are printed instantly.

Custom prints, wedding

Salsa Booth is perfect for graduation parties, corporate branding events, store openings, weddings and more. Salsa Booth is a full digital option that takes Pictures, GIFs, Boomerangs and Videos. Those are then sent to your phone instantly via text, email or airdrop so you can share your fun with everyone.

Phone, Digital Photo BoothDigital Photo booth

Booking Your Photo Booth

Now that you know more about the photo booth’s available choosing your photo booth will be a breeze. You can start by contacting us and letting us know what you’re looking for and what date you want a booth for.