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The Next Big Thing…

Our photo booth is already pretty awesome… then we discovered a gentleman in Texas that hand carves photo album covers. When we made this discovery my wife and I decided we had to provide these albums as an option for our clients. These Custom Photo Booth Albums take our already amazing offerings to another level. So if you will give me a few minutes of your time I would love to share the newest add-on available to our Photo Booth clients.

Custom Photo Booth Album

The books are made of durable baltic birch and are simple, yet elegant in design. Each wooden surface is stained and engraved individually which makes each creation unique in its own way. Brown colored stain may vary based on the staining process, but it’s always a great finish to your book. The stains are water resistant which is a plus for your busy life.┬áPages are lined with photo booth strip borders which our photo booth attendants then add your copies to the book. I know what you are thinking… that sounds nice Tom but let’s see some pictures!

Custom Photo booth ablum with the big day carved on the coverHand Carved photo booth album with couple kissing on the cover

Aren’t those amazing! Remember they are hand carved and customized with your names and wedding date. These are just a couple examples of what we will be offering and if you check out our Facebook and Instagram pages we will be posting pictures of more over the next couple of weeks.

The Inside

As cool as the cover is, the inside just makes the photo album better… check it out.

Photo Booth Album open with outlines for Photo Strips from a photo booth

Not only do the attendants make sure your copy of each print gets inside the book but your guests also have the opportunity to leave you a short message. If you fell in love with these Custom Photo Booth Albums the way we did then you are going to want to add them to your next photo booth booking. You can book today just by clicking here.

What other add-ons would you like to see us offer? Comment below today, you never know we might just add your idea next to Funkytown Fotobooth!