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Photo Booth Rental Company In Toledo And Their Mascots

Chilly and Breezy the penguins decided they no longer wanted to live the formal lives of penguins. Being dressed up all the time finally got to their heads. Of course, they can’t change their color so they decided they needed more fun in their lives. They scraped together their life savings and headed to Vegas but soon decided they couldn’t afford the rich lifestyle, plus it was too hot. Then they tried living the party life in New York but realized it was too crowded and they couldn’t walk very fast. So they headed to Chicago but on their way to the windy city they got off at the wrong stop and ended up in Toledo, where they crashed a wedding.

At first, the bride and groom were a little upset that two penguins showed up to their wedding uninvited but soon realized they were there to have a good time! Chilly and Breezy knew this is what they wanted to do… weddings… birthdays… anniversaries… they just wanted to have fun. So they tried to rent themselves out as entertainment but quickly realized most people didn’t want to rent penguins, especially stuffed penguins. They became a little depressed and kept crashing weddings to satisfy their urge to party, but desperately needed a way to make some money.

Chilly tried the normal suit and tie kind of jobs like a bathroom attendant but was too short to reach the sink and they didn’t like it when he walked on the counter. Then he was a doorman at a fancy building in downtown but was too short and most people didn’t see him when they walked in. He even applied to be a limo driver and since that was connected to the party industry he thought it was perfect until he realized he couldn’t reach the peddles.

Every Wedding Needs A Photo Booth!

Just when they were about to give up Chilly and Breezy decided to crash one more wedding before giving up on their dreams of living the party lifestyle. At that wedding, they met DJ TomTom who loves penguins and loves their idea of living the party lifestyle. So Tom decided it was best to give these guys a place to live and fund their dreams. It was then that Funkytown Fotobooth was born!

Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly how it happened. In October 2015 our owner Tom Momenee took the plunge into the world of Photo Booth rentals. Tom loves to help guests have a good time and knows the importance of someone’s wedding, anniversary or another party. We are constantly reinvesting in the latest backdrops, newest technology and the most fun props including Chilly and Breezy the penguins. You can follow their adventures by checking out #AdventuresOfChillyandBreezy

To see our photo booth and what we offer, click here. Use the coupon code “Penguins” when booking online and receive $25 off.