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Rent A Photo Booth For Your Next Event

Photo Booths are without a doubt one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the event industry today. Each photo booth is unique based on the event which keeps people coming back for a fun time. We customize the backdrop, props and prints to match the theme of each event. Photo A Photo Booth can create memories that last a lifetime plus each of your guests will have a keepsake from your event!

Why Hire Us For Your Photo Booth Event

  • “State-of-the-art” photography equipment
  • Contemporary “open-air” booth design so you can include a large group of guests, not just a few at a time
  • Unlimited, instant, high-quality photo prints delivered on the spot.
  • Custom-designed prints.  (We can even include your logo on the prints)
  • Photo props (customized to your party theme)
  • A selection of premium photo backdrops
  • A qualified, trained attendant to run the booth (so you and your guests can focus on having fun!)
  • Complete set-up and tear-down of all of the equipment
  • And, the best part, your party will be the talk of the town!

Business Party

Your Staff has worked hard this year… well hopefully they did or why would they deserve a party? If they worked hard enough to earn a year-end party then why not make it the best party ever. When you hire us for your upcoming event we will not only make it fun for you and your guests we also provide you the opportunity to keep your name in front of their family and friends. We customize the prints for every party we entertain and make sure it matches your desired look. So when you include your logo/branding information that means they take the pictures home and put them in the fridge, the car dashboard, at their desk and more. Not to mention they will share it on their social media pages and spread the word on how cool of a boss you really are.

Private Party

Every year you host the best Christmas Party on the block and every year your guests want to come back for more. Well, do you want them to come back again this year and experience the same party as last year? Or do you want them to create memories that last a lifetime? It’s time to take your party to the next level. Be the talk of the neighborhood again this year by hiring the best photo booth in town, OK maybe we are a little biased. You can check out the testimonials page to see what others think too.

Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is you want to throw the best party ever this year and our Photo Booth can help you get there. We take care of everything from print design, custom props, premium backdrops, setup, tear down and we make sure your guests have a great time. Book us today before someone else does and they end up being the one that put on the best party this year!

If you have further questions about what we do be sure to connect with us we would love to answer any questions you have. Or if you see the value in our photo booth already then make sure you click book now.