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A Photo Booth Rental For Your Next Event

There are many reasons to book a photo booth and we could spend a long time listing them out. Instead, I will give you my top 5 reasons to book a photo booth rental for your next event.

Reasons To Rent A Photo Booth

#5. Photo booths are a great way to entertain your guests. Let’s face it, not everyone wants to dance all night long. They are a great way to bring out the best in people. One of my favorite memories is when a bride came up to me after the wedding. She told me “I have never seen my grandma act like that, thank you.” It is moments like that that make me love what I do. Besides people need a break from breaking it down.

#4. Nostalgia. Who doesn’t love the good ole days? I know our clients love the classic strips we offer.  This brings back the memories of walking through the mall and squeezing into a photo booth. The good news is we have an open-air booth with a lot more room than the photobooths you would see in the mall. Even better yet we can offer a 4×6 print in case you want something a little different from the good ole days.

A photo booth at a Toledo wedding Photo booth digital prints with custom design features Instant digital photo prints from our Toledo photo booth Photos from our Toledo Ohio photo booth Photo booth backdrop and custom printed photos

#3. Party favors. Sure you can give away personalized candy that people will eat and throw away your personalized wrapper. Or you can offer them a memory that will last a lifetime. Not only will they have fun in your photo booth they will also have the memory of your wedding for years to come.

#2. Theme possibilities. Yes, we can theme your photo booth to fit any occasion or idea. You choose the backdrop, props and photo print design. We have options available or we can create something brand new just for your event. If you really want to take it up a notch we can get a celebrity in your booth. Elvis Presley, Lebron James, Justin Timberlake are just a few of the celebrities that have been in our booth.  Ok, they were cardboard cutouts. But yes you can have a celebrity in your booth.

The #1 Reasons To Rent A Funkytown Photo Booth

#1. Memories. The memories made at your event should be unforgettable. A photo booth is another way to make sure your guests not only have fun, but that they remember the great time they had at your event. We use some of the best photography and lighting equipment around to make sure your pictures turn out great. We also have one of the best printers available.  This provides your guests with a print to take home within seconds of them getting out of the photo booth.

If these 5 reasons are not enough to book Funkytown Fotobooth for your next event then I encourage you to take a look at our latest reviews.