Wait…I have backdrop options for my photo booth rental?

That is correct, you have options when it comes to choosing a photo booth backdrop for your booth rental. That is one thing that sets us apart is our open air design which not only gives you space for all of your friends to get in the booth, it also allows you to choose from some amazing photo booth backdrops. For us we want to make your photo booth experience fit your event and personality. That is why we give you options like custom designing your photo booth prints, choosing your props and of course a selection from our premium photo booth backdrops.

How do I know what backdrop to choose?

There are a lot of different things you can base your backdrop decision on.

  • The type of event (Formal, Casual, etc.)
  • Event theme (Oscars, Musical, etc.)
  • Wedding colors
  • Graduation school colors
  • The coolest looking backdrop

Type of event

Choosing your backdrop based around the event type is one was most of our clients choose which backdrop they want for their photo booth rental. For example if you are having a 50th wedding anniversary you might want our Gold Sequin Backdrop. Or if you are hosting something more casual like a family reunion maybe you want our Paint Splatter Backdrop.

Group of people in photo booth in sylvania ohio with a gold sequin backdrop Group of people at an event in a photo booth with a paint splatter backdrop

Event Theme

You are planning your wedding with the theme from the movie “UP” and you want floating balloons as your backdrop, well guess what, we can do that! We will custom design a backdrop to fit your theme, because you deserve the best photo booth for your event.

Wedding or Graduation Colors

Your wedding colors are Lavender & Silver and you want a silver sequin backdrop to blend in with your decor. Let’s be honest you have worked hard picking out your colors and planning your decor so why not have the photo booth fit in with it? Or maybe you are planning a graduation party and you decide the background needs the schools logo and colors on the backdrop so you have us print a custom designed photo booth backdrop. Like the picture below that shows a custom printed backdrop for a conference we did, yes we can print just about anything all you have to do is ask.

Photo at Symanski Wedding Reception with a photo booth backdrop Guests using props in our photo booth at a retreat event with a custom printed photo booth backdrop

The coolest looking photo booth backdrop

Maybe you are like our owner Tom and you just like a cool looking backdrop. The good news is we have some of the coolest photo booth backdrops for you to choose from. You can see the full selection of backdrops here. The better news is we are adding to our collection constantly because understand that you are looking for the best options for your photo booth rental. If you are looking for something that we don’t currently offer then all you have to do is ask. After seeing our amazing backdrop options maybe you have decided this is the photo booth for you. If that is the case you can click here to start your booking process.