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Custom Photo Booth Prints

Every client gets a custom designed print. That is right every client we work with we take the time to understand what you are looking for. We work to match the colors you want, we work to make sure the font is perfect and it all goes together with the backdrop you choose and decor at your event. See more about choosing your photo booth backdrop by clicking here. Most of our events are weddings so that includes the bride and grooms names plus their wedding date. Anytime it is for a graduation we would include the graduates name and graduation date. Same thing for a birthday party we would include the birthday boy or girls name and birth date. I could keep listing off the different events but I know you get the point. Bottom line is when you hire our photo booth for your event everything is customized to your liking.

What are my options? 

To be honest your options are limited by your imagination and a little limited by my design skills which I work to improve constantly. The print sizes we offer are; 4×6 (close to post card size), 2×6 (like your old school photo booth prints) or we can event offer a 2×6 horizontal which is pretty cool too. This all sounds neat but lets be honest it’s much easier to get what we are talking about by seeing the pictures.

4×6 Photo Booth Print

This print option is generally chosen by clients who want a little more added to their custom photo booth print. We also have fundraiser clients choose this because there is plenty of room to add the sponsors logos that help pay for the photo booth. You can have anywhere from one to four pictures per print it all depends on what you are wanting for your event.

Poker Run event

2×6 Classic Photo Booth Strip

This option is what most of our clients go with. I mean its a classic print look like you would see in the old school photo booths of yesteryear. If you don’t know what I am talking about just ask someone about ten years older than you. As you can see this custom print option has room for three pictures with the names and date on the bottom. You can have four pictures if you want but let’s be honest we all like to see our name and wedding date. Another cool thing you will notice with this print is we made sure the gold hearts went with the gold sequin backdrop the clients chose.

Wedding reception guests in front of our Gold Sequin backdrop

2×6 Horizontal Photo Booth Strip

This is my personal favorite mostly because it stands out from the crowd. It is something different that doesn’t just blend in with the rest and in my opinion it is one of the most under utilized options we have. You will have room for your names and date plus there is the option for three or four pictures and you can add some pretty cool backgrounds to the design that you would not be able to have with a traditional 2×6 print.

Photo booth rental custom designed print

Choosing Your Print Colors

As you can see in the sample I have shared there are more than just colors to share. We can customize your prints to match not only your event but also your story. The horizontal 2×6 sample has a plane which is part of the couples story and they wanted to make sure that was included in their design. We worked with them to make sure it was the right type of plane and the font they were looking for.

I know some people are probably reading this and thinking “I have no idea what I want” and that is ok. We often have clients tell us they have no idea what they are looking for so we will ask them some questions to better understand what their event theme will be and we come up with something for them. Once we have put something together we send them a proof to let us know if they like it or have any changes they want made. Again we customize everything to you and your event.

Photo Booth Customization

Bottom line is we can customize about anything for you and not just with the prints. We also have some great premium photo booth backdrops for you to choose from. We have some cool prop options for you to choose from or if you want the photo booth start menu to be customized to your event that can be done too. Next time you are looking for a photo booth rental in the Toledo, Ohio area you know we are the ones to book. Click here to see why we are “The Best photo Booth in Toledo” or click here to see our photo booth and book it today!