Salsa Booth?

Salsa booth is a full digital photo booth that allows your guests to enjoy the latest in photo booth technology. Whether they want to take a picture, create a gif, record a short video or make a boomerang your guests are sure to have a fun time. They will also have the opportunity to share the fun with their friends,instantly online. Salsa booth is the future of the event entertainment industry.

Salsa booth with people taking a picture Profile of digital photo booth People taking a picture in a photo booth

Digital Photo Booth

Why go all digital? Good question. We want to entertain your guests in a way that they have fun and they hold onto those memories for a lifetime. Some like to have a printed picture to take home and for those that do, I highly recommend you check out our Legacy Booth. Our Legacy Photo Booth offers the best pictures and prints in Toledo! For the rest of you that  are looking for instant sharing, Salsa Booth is for you! You can post your photo booth pictures, gifs and boomerangs right away. If you want all digital then Salsa Booth is the way to go.

 Picture from Salsa booth Black and white picture from Salsa booth Toledo photo booth rental 

What is Salsa Booth Good For? 

Salsa Booth is good for weddings, graduation parties, corporate events, birthday parties, fundraisers and more. The best part about Salsa Booth is it’s compact size which allows us to setup almost anywhere. We don’t require a backdrop, although you can add one if you like. But most people use the event as their backdrop which helps them remember your event that much better. And most peoples favorite part about Salsa Booth is the ability it has to instantly share your guests pictures, gifs, videos and boomerangs online. All media from the booth gets instantly uploaded (depending on local internet, but in most cases it’s instant) to a web page specifically setup for your event. The guests will use the booth to text their images to themselves where they are then able to share it with all of their friends.

Photo booth picture on phone Typing in phone number to share photo booth pictures to phoneInstant sharing of pictures on to phone from photo booth

Coming Soon…

Salsa Booth will be arriving June 2019! However we are taking pre-bookings NOW for any events happening June 1st and beyond. Salsa Booth will already be at a lower price than our Legacy Booth but we are offering additional savings for anyone that books before April 30th and pays in full. Contact us today to learn more about Salsa booth and it’s pricing. We want to help you create memories that last a lifetime.