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Your Photo Booth Attendant Should Be Interactive!

When my wife and I decided to buy our first photo booth and begin this crazy journey of renting them out, one of the first things we decided was every rental needed to have a photo booth attendant. We knew an attendant for every rental was necessary because what if your guests aren’t sure how to use the booth? Or what if your guests need some suggestions for how to pose? One of the best things I have ever heard from a client was a bride at the end of her wedding came up to me and said “I have never seen my grandpa act that way, Thank You so much!”. That would have never been possible without our photo booth attendants. They are there for a couple different reasons and one of those reasons is for your guests entertainment.

Photo booth rental, toledo

“I have never seen my grandpa act that way, Thank You so much!”

What if your photo booth has a technical issue?

Another reason we knew every rental needed to have a photo booth attendant was because technology will fail from time to time. Yes we have state of the art equipment that we are constantly updating but what happens if the one time it fails is in the middle of your event? That is where our attendants step in to fix the problem immediately. This will keep any downtime to a minimum so your guests continue to have a great time in the photo booth. Or what happens if your guests use all the paper because our photo booth is a big hit at your event, what happens is our attendants change the paper and keep the party rolling.

Your event is supposed to be the best!

Bottom line is your event is very important to you, plus your guests deserve nothing but the best. The best means a company that hires people who care that your guest have a great time. We not only hire people who care, we are also careful to train them on troubleshooting. Our attendants have to meet some high standards including making sure they know how to help your guests have fun. What does all this mean to you? Well that means not only is your event very important to you it is also extremely important to us.

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