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Festival Photo Booth Rental

You are planning a festival or your company is a sponsor for a festival and you want to make sure people remember the day. A great way to do that is to rent a photo booth for your festival that we can brand to make sure everyone remembers how much fun they had and so they remember your brand! We have two goals when we run a festival photo booth, the first is fun for the guests and the second is making sure your brand is known.

Your Brand

Recently Paramount Healthcare hired our photo booth for the Old West End Festival in Toledo, Ohio where thousands came to celebrate the Historic Neighborhoods full of Victorian homes. In just five hours time we had hundreds go through our photo booth where everyone got a print with Paramount Healthcare’s logo and information on it. Not only do guests hang your logo on their fridge we also post and share all about your brand with our fans which means more people hear about your brand event with they didn’t use the Festival Photo Booth.

Festival Photo Booth rental Photo booth printPhoto Booth Print, festival

Customize Everything

You can customize every piece of our photo booth from the print design to the backdrop. We were invited to be a part of The Cherry Festival in Whitehouse, Ohio. One of the goals was to make sure people remembered the good times they had. What better way to do that than to use the event as the backdrop! That’s right not only do we have some great backdrop options and you can have a custom backdrop built but we can also use your Festival as the backdrop..

Picture, Cherry Festival

I am just guessing here but I am pretty sure those kids had a great time at Cherry Fest 2018. I also know that each family took their individual copy home with them and shared it with their friends and family. Not to mention all the social media attention that picture received because it is on our website.

Grow Your Brand Today

Now is the time to set up a sponsorship for your Festival Photo Booth. Book today by clicking here. We can’t wait to share your brand with everyone!