Promote Your Business

Can a photo booth really help promote your business? Yes it can. And we think our booth does it the best! We have two different booths available to rent. First is our Legacy Booth which is an open air booth where prints can promote your brand. Second is our Salsa booth which is our fully digital photo booth that deliveries instant memories to guests phones. So what sets our photo booths apart from the rest? 

Profile view our camera, lighting & other equipment used in our photo booth Salsa Booth profile

Legacy Booth

Our Legacy Booth does just as the name implies, it leaves a legacy to remember your brand in the form of a photo booth printout. Legacy Booth is an open air photo booth where the guests step in, choose some props, take 3 photos and receive their prints to take home. Prints are custom designed with your logo, information, etc that way guests remember your brand when you need them to. The best part is they take these pictures home and hang them on their fridge, put them on their dashboard, put them on their desk at work and more. That means your business is being seen by everyone that enters their home, car or office. Not to mention the value it provides for your brand because when they need your services they are going to remember your business because its on their fridge! 

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Salsa Booth

Salsa Booth is our Fully Digital Photo Booth from the future! Salsa allows your guests to step into the open air booth to take their pictures, GIF, Boomerang or video. Then instantly send it to themselves. Guests may choose to email, text or airdrop their media where they then share instantly to all of their social media channels. We will design a custom overlay for the media so every time the media gets shared, they are going to promote your business for you! 

photo booth business promotion Photo booth picture on phone

But Wait… there’s more!

We know it’s a bit of a cliche but it is true. Helping you promote your business is only part of what we do.  Also we offer you the opportunity to collect information. We are able to collect emails and phone numbers (via Salsa Booth) so you are able to reach out and see if they need your services. Did I mention we also promote your brand on our social media outlets? That is right we push your brand on our social media channels so all our followers know how awesome your service is. 

How To Promote Your Business

Our Photo Booth’s are not only The Best Photo Booth’s in Toledo, it is also the best booth to help you grown your business. Contact us today to see what we can do for your brand.